Fall 2013

Here we are in mid November already. The late summer kept me out of “squash mode” but now with a few snow flakes floating around, the mode is settling in…

Entries and posters are out for our first event of the year, the Balmoral Legal Centre Northwestern Ontario Open Squash Tournament….that is a mouthful, eh? You can find the poster and entry forms under our “Events” link.

Court Jesters has really become popular this year with 47 players signed up. The Complex, as requested by players, changed the format to a box ladder and that has caused the dramatic increase in registration. From all reports, it is being well received.

Court Time is up and running again, with 18 players this fall. This too, is a result of player’s feedback. In the spring, we had 24 players and using 3 courts, it was too long of an evening so 18 seems to work well.

Wishing you all a fun and healthy season……

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